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Corporate Law deals with the formation, incorporation and operations of Firms, entities, companies or corporations and is related to commercial and contract law. The State laws, which vary from state to state, regulate the creation, organization and dissolution of the corporations. A corporation creates a legal or “artificial person” or entity that has standing to sue and be sued, enter into contracts, and perform other duties necessary to maintain a business, separate from its stockholders.

Corporations are taxable entities, which shields the individual owners or shareholders from personal liability towards the liabilities and debts of the corporation, with some limited exceptions – such as unpaid taxes. Until formally dissolved, a corporation has perpetual life; the termination or deaths of officials or stockholders does not alter the corporate structure. 

States have registration laws and other compliance regulations that are binding on the Corporations, Entities or firms. As a Corporate Law professional, we are trained to form and incorporate the corporations as well as look into various compliances as per the laws. We also work in the field of joint ventures, licensing arrangements, mergers, acquisitions, startup advisory and the countless other transactions entered into by corporations. Other areas of practice include business formations, securities law, venture capital financing, insolvency and bankruptcy, business agreements, internal forms, and business tax consultations.

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